Friday, March 21, 2008


I was tagged by Phoebe to do this - I won't tag anyone in return because I know there are not many readers of my blog!

Here is what you do. Use the 1st letter of your middle name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names,things…nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person you took this from had the same 1st initial.
You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. Middle name letter: H
2. Famous artist/band/musician: Heart
3. 4-letter word: Heat
4. U.S state: Hawaii
5. Boy name: Hunter
6. Girl name: Hilda
7. Animal: Hippo
8. Something in the kitchen: Honey
9. Reason for being late? Hopeless procrasinator
10. Body Part? Heart
11. Drink? Hot Toddy
12. Something you shout: Hey!
13. Something you eat? Hummus
14. A movie you've seen? High Noon

So Much to Say!

So the benefit of not posting often is that when I do post, I have a lot to say!

EMN and MTN had some friends do a modified slumber party a few weeks ago. Their friends stayed until after 10 pm and they all had a ton of fun!

I finished my first sweater!! It's made from alpaca that I bought at Woodstock Wool Company while back in NY for Christmas. Phoebe helped me pick it out and the pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts - the hourglass sweater.

I've worn it as often as possible considering the warm temperatures here and it feels like a big comfy sweatshirt. I love it and I'm proud that it's done! Sorry for the headless photo - I wasn't smiling and it wasn't my best look.

Ok, a few of EMN. Recently she started to love all things girly and she's particularly fond of practicing her moves (her words. She also loves being a MOMS Club kid and nearly cried when I showed her the shirts we had made.

Last week we had a lovely visit with our friends the Tysons. They were staying at the Arizona Biltmore for the week and invited us to play in the pools. We LOVED it! The water slide was a great hit.

MTN is now officially sleeping in a big boy bed! He's adjusted to the freedom quite quickly and actually has done fairly well in the five days since we've moved him. He isn't sleeping as much as he used to but you can tell he's pretty proud. We are too!

And finally, a few from the Easter Egg hunt today. Another fantastic MOMS Club event!