Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of PreSchool!

Already leery of how many pictures Mom might take
MTN attended Mother's Day Out twice a week last year and now he's attending pre-school 5 days a week (4 half days and one long day). First a few pictures of the morning drop-off. Mike has Mondays off (Yay Guard!!) and so he accompanied us on this momentous occasion.

Showing off his nametag, just like his sister wore last year.

Happily at his assigned spot, sporting his new cheesy grin (hey, at least he's looking at the camera again!!)

A big change but he has been very excited about one thing in specific - the carpool lane. Many, many days he had to sit in the car waiting to pick up his sister and now he gets to be the one on the bench watching all the mini-vans roll by, waiting for just the right one to hop into.
Waiting for the OK from the teachers that it's safe to get up and get ready to hop in

He had a great first day and was extremely enthusiastic about everything. He loves his teacher, Mrs. (s)Mith [he doesn't pronounce it quite right and doesn't take to correction too well] and he tried to get friends to play airplanes with him but no one was ready just yet.
A picture perfect way to end a first day

After we dropped him off and headed to Starbucks for a coffee date, Mike and I recalled many difficult days of prying him off our legs to leave him anywhere - the gym, church, Bible study, MDO, childcare of any sort - and how those days seemed to drag on and on, from infancy to several times last year. I was always ready to be paged or called out of wherever I was because he was in a fit over being left behind. Today, he didn't seem to care one iota as he was ready to start his day. High five, big boy - Mom and Dad are super proud of you!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After School

While I'm sure there are folks that are happy to see me blogging again, I promise I won't blog every morning and afternoon of my daughter's kindergarten year (although, she is abundantly precious and we have some conversations that really should be recorded for all to enjoy). This is her arriving to the section reserved for students walking home. Looks like a happy kindergartner to me!!

She said her first day was great but a little boring because she didn't get to play outside (over 100 but couldn't tell that from the long-sleeves she was wearing, could you!).  She met several new friends and listened well to her teacher. And she didn't wipe any boogers on Mrs. Segura's nice alphabet carpet!! (see: interesting conversations above - I'll spare you the rest of the details.) All in all, I'd say a pretty awesome first day of kindergarten. She liked the tour of the school because now she knows where everything is but lunch was a little sad (she missed me and MTN .... awwww) and because she has to sit at the nut-free table her class almost left without her. As I told her, the first week or so is for learning and everyone is figuring things out. In a few days everyone will get the hang of things and she'll be a pro. Then next year she can teach MTN when he goes off to kinder!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


First day!! I was way more jittery last night than she was (I was worried about sleeping too late.) Here is the morning in photos. Enjoy!!

MTN is actually kind of pleased with his independence.