Sunday, July 7, 2013

VBS Decorating

VBS ended on June 28th but I thought it would be helpful to post a few pictures of what our decorating looked like. Our church modified the Group curriculum to fit our needs so each Oikos was a grade level, with several groups within each Oikos to keep them a bit smaller (about 8-12 per Oikos). Then we rotated the groups between music, crafts, games, drama, snack and demonstrations. Our main decorating areas were drama (unfortunately I have no photos of that) and our sanctuary where the opening and closing were. I hope this pictures are able to help someone else also prepping for Paul's Dangerous Journey to Share the Truth: Athens 2013

Main Sanctuary - we used torches for each group leader to carry (the kids then knew which group leader to stay with)

Altar area where our celebration leader spoke from

Narthex decorations

Pottery and Basket shop

Backside of Pottery shop (so those leaving the bathroom would still seem something fun)

Extra poster decorations

Textile Shop

Food Market

More of food market

Still more of food market

Backside of textile shop 

Decorating the doors

We had costumed vendors welcoming attendees to Athens and we played the marketplace soundtrack in the background.

Again, hope this helps someone!