Friday, April 18, 2008

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Friday, April 4, 2008


When did it get to be April?!? Here's a bit from March...

Spring Training - always fun. EMN got in on the action with Wiffle Ball. While Gama and Bompa were visiting, we attended three games including one with Goo, Chandler and Brett, who were swinging through Phoenix on a Spring Break trip. The weather was great and the games were fun - who could ask for more!

Hockey, again always fun. Attended the last Phoenix Coyotes home game last night. Too sad to talk about. Not only did they lose, but it may be awhile before we see them in action again. When Bompa and Gama were visiting, we took them to a game too. New fans!!

Easter happened in March. One pic of EMN putting flowers on the cross, and one of our happy family. We are standing near the church we attend - The Church at Litchfield Park. Easter Sunday was very enjoyable - a great service at church, a Spring Training game and a delicious meal if it's acceptable to critique one's own cooking :)

Let's see what else I have pictures of ... I always enjoy photo posts the most ...
Gama, Bompa and the kiddos playing Candy Land. The Easter Bunny brought it for EMN and she's getting the hang of it. She loves board games and is unbelievably good at Memory. A tremendous dinner at Quiessence (and multiple thanks to MOMS Club for the date night kid swap!). The food was beyond belief and truly satisifed my desire to have a Top Chef experience. The menu changes daily and uses local ingredients (within 4 hours of Phoenix) if at all possible. We had the six course tasting menu with suggested wine pairings and it was phenomenal. I also got to try pork belly for the first time and I actually liked it! The desserts were to die for too. The evening was the perfect way to cap off a great week with Gama and Bompa.

And lastly, a few knit items and my beautiful bougainvillea (not in that order). The gloves for EMN are a duplicate of ones I made for myself, just scaled down for her and she loved wearing them at the hockey game last night. Me too for that matter! I can still get popcorn in my mouth and stay warm. Bonus! The pattern is Hooray for Me Gloves. Then there is the Hanami stole I am working on using Sundara Silk Lace Yarn - a total splurge but worth it. The colorway is Pink Porcelain over Chiffon and it is heavenly to work with.

That's about it for now. I'm still stunned it's April already. Maybe next post will be my New Years Resolutions because that's about where my brain is at! If all goes well, Mike starts training for his new job in May and then we'll move sometime after that. For so long it's been "in the future" that it only recently caught me by surprise to realize we are within weeks of everything happening! It's exciting but for some reason it didn't all click until I turned the calendar on Tuesday. Tonight is his going away party for the Air Force. Wow. It's been quite a journey and the adventure continues as we open new chapters of our lives.