Monday, June 9, 2008

Birthday Video

I've spent too much time trying to get this uploaded. Let's see if this works.

Edited: OK - seems to be working. Took awhile! But now that I think I've figured it out, I hope to post more soon.

I'm still here

Still here, just haven't taken the time to update in too long. Some time ago my goal was to update twice a week. Maybe I should have made it twice a month and I'd be on track.

So I had a birthday and celebrated by househunting in Texas. I drove out on a Thursday, arrived on Friday, spent the weekend with Mike (including Mother's Day) and then Mike drove the car back to Houston. I flew back the night of my birthday (Monday). My mom was here in AZ with the kids and stayed awhile longer. Below: my first homemade Mother's Day Card and MTN finishing off my birthday cake.

MTN is now 2 years old! Where does the time go .... Here he is enjoying cake, his new tricycle, his chef outfit and new vacuum!

EMN finished up her preschool at the end of May and has talked about her teachers and friends every day since. We loved our experience at Word of Life and they did a wonderful job establishing a love of learning with her.

Mike is about half-way through his training in Houston. He and I will be meeting up in San Antonio next week to house hunt again. Here's hoping everything falls into place!

Move prep is slow since the kids keep me busy most of the time. They miss their dad a lot and so they require extra care and attention. Plus, we're all a bit sad to be leaving our friends and the longer we can delay, the easier it is on our emotions. But as July 15th draws closer, the moving prep needs to start so I'm working on it in non-obvious ways.

EMN Dancing with the Stars and modeling the princess dress she and I sewed up last night.

Summertime fun: Flying a kite, various splashparks around the area, a rare rain shower and a tea party with Daddy.