Sunday, May 4, 2008


Seems like it was just April and I was pondering where March went. Now it's May and I just can't keep up!! Obviously, we've been busy so here are a few photos representative of our recent weeks. (Not in any particular order or else it would take even longer ...)

Biggest news: We're moving! Mike and I took over a week and traveled to San Antonio, Texas, and Fort Wayne, Indiana to figure out where we wanted to move. We loved Fort Wayne but San Antonio won out for various reasons. Here is the outside of his new squadron building in San Antonio. He'll fly part-time for the guard unit there. More on his full-time job further down the page.

The kids were thrilled with their souvenirs and can't wait to be cowboys!

The pool is now open although it is still very cold. The kids don't mind! How cool does he look :)

This is MTN's favorite sleeping position.

The kids were thrilled to dress like Daddy for his fini-flight which was last Wednesday.

And there he is, getting ready to shut down engines for his last active duty flight. His last work day was Friday and tomorrow he leaves for training in Houston. He'll be the newest Continental Airline pilot and we are excited for the career change.

MTN has had a rather destructive streak the last week breaking lights, windchimes, coloring the walls, ripping pages out of books and finally, tatooing himself. What you don't see is the artwork on his arms and face. Lovely.

And this truly is lovely - moms dressed up and going out for Mother's Day Tea. Our MOMS Club chapter was disbanded (boo hiss to the morons running international - no forward thinking, open-mindedness or compromise to be found anywhere there) so we've started our own non-profit organization. This tea was the first outing of our new group and we're very excited. So now I'm a founding member of a non-profit group! I truly love the ladies in our group and I'm so glad we didn't let the short-sightedness of MOMS Club ruin our comraderie. Our group - SAHMS Offering Support, or SOS of Surprise - will continue to do wonderful things for our families and the community.

We'll the family is headed out to buy me a new laptop so I guess I better go!! Cheers!