Thursday, February 11, 2010

New York, Part 2

Nothing like a few pictures of summer to warm up a winter day.

Here's one of a the 4th of July picnic last year with Andrew and Phoebe manning the grill.

Grandma Hitchcock enjoying the day and visiting with friends and family.

Alison and David, newly engaged at the picnic! Congratulations!

MTN and his Daddy working on perfecting their baseball swing.

A double wagon-load for the tractor ride. We didn't lose anyone despite the bumps.

Uncle Jim teaches EMN and MTN how to play golf. FORE!!

My husband, Dad and brother deep in conversation as they cross the field.

Gramper John and Sparky keeping an eye on the softball field.

EMN and her two maternal aunts, Alison and Phoebe color a Disney princess.

Perfect picture of a summer day - kids slurp away on watermelon while a knitter completes all the rows she can while on vacation. As soon as I took the picture, I picked up my sticks and joined her!

Family dinner!

First crop from Nonna's garden. A teeny, tiny carrot, but this gardener couldn't be more proud of it, even if he didn't do a single bit of the work. In fact, he created more every now and then. Overwatering, pulling "weeds" that were actually vegetables, but he's enthusiastic!! Just needs a bit of extra supervision ... well, always.

Very proud of what she has harvested.
Hugs with Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Andrew before they returned home.

Playing with a dollhouse at her Great-Grandma Hitchcock's house.

Learing how to tap a Sugar Maple tree. Grandpa Tom could use the next generation of helpers this spring, I'm sure. I think Southwest Airlines is having a fare sale ... hmmm ...