Friday, February 29, 2008

Adventures in Credit

Monday night, EMN was asking what we were going to next and I told her Chick Fil A and the bookstore. Well, I intended to go to the bookstore first but MTN had an incident (he stripped naked and urinated everywhere during his nap - his diaper was dry) so we went straight to Chick Fil A. EMN insisted on bringing a little bag with her and so off we went. As things were winding down at CFA, she kept asking when we were going to the store because she had things to buy and she brought her money. She's been collecting pennies she finds so I thought that's what she meant. Nope. When we got to Barnes and Noble, she headed straight for Diego and Dora stuffed dolls. I told her to pick one (she picked Diego) and then she pulled out her play credit card and said "Keep this safe Mommy. This is my money." A touch scary! She had planned ahead, thought it all through and knew exactly what she needed to do. When we went to check out the nice man put the doll in a separate bag for her and I prompted her with "EMN, what do you say" and she passionately said "I LOVE YOU!!" which I think made the man's night.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentine's Day and beyond

So here's a few things I found on Valentine's Day

CHOCOLATE from A Chocolate Surprise ( They're a local store that just opened a few months ago here. All their goodies are handmade and must be eaten within a week. Like a good girl, I followed directions and here we are a week later and they're all gone. Now I need to hit the gym!

My son devouring a cupcake at the MOMS Club Valentine's day party at Nutin' But Fun... his hands never left the table so he kept ducking down to eat it. Determined is a good way to describe it. He definitely has a sweet tooth, something EMN has never had. He finished that cupcake so quickly I was shocked. And not just the frosting either!

Here's the beyond ... EMN and MTN on the phone with Nonna and Grandpa Tom. My kids can carry on quite the conversation when they feel inclined. EMN is on a Valentine's kick (as in: why is it over and I'm going to say Happy Valentine's Day and pass out cards regardless of what day it is) and MTN usually starts with "Ummmmmm, diskobumpaloffacar" which we can't translate because we don't understand him most of the time.

And I don't know what part of the world you're in, but here it certainly feels like spring. Check out the tree we planted last year .... new leaves and everything. The weather is fantastic and we're at the park almost every day. Don't feel jealous though. Before you know it, the temps will be too hot and we'll be tied to an air conditioner being envious of all of you enjoying summer and not hell-like heat.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Found around the house

Here are some things I found around the house ...

Today, my daughter sleeping, not in her bed where I asked her to nap, but in the middle of the living room. This caused me to tip-toe all over the place while I tried to accomplish my to-do list and caused her to wake up in a foul mood.

This weekend ... this beautiful rose in my backyard before I pruned the rose bushes on Saturday. Gorgeous and HUGE! At least twice the size of my fist.

Last week, my daughter engrossed in books. She sat there for about an hour just flipping through, quietly enjoying herself. Bliss for both of us!!

Last month, my kids sitting nicely with each other watching TV. Trust me when I say this is rare!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Catching Up

This week there are pictures from Gymboree and my newest finished knitting project.

My Clapotis in Jitterbug, Birds of Paradise colorway.

And then EMN and MTN enjoying the bubbles at Gymboree. We go there once a month with the MOMS Club and just love it.

The natives are restless so I must go. Mike is in San Antonio for a job interview. Here's hoping it goes well!!