Sunday, December 2, 2007

Moms are the best

There are not many people you can call on way past bedtime to say "HELP!" when it's not a true-blue emergency. I did that with my mom last night when I discovered my daughter was not playing in her room way past bedtime, but in the bathroom where she was attempting to cut her hair and her doll's hair after she finished cleaning the bathroom of course. I had put her to bed over 2 hours earlier only to find this

That's not water in her hair and thankfully it's not the cleaning spray (with bleach). Rather I think it's a combination of straightening gel, toothpaste and hydrocortisone cream. Had a weird scent to it. And three hairwashings took most of it out but this morning the texture is like straw.

So I guess in a way she was calling on me, her mom, for help. And so I called mine. Thanks Mom!!! You're the best :)

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KnelleyBelley said...

Hi Becky -
I came over to check out your blog after seeing the comment you left on mine. Thanks!

The picture of your daughter with the gunk in her hair is priceless! Your children are adorable.

Happy New Year!