Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scrapes, Bumps and Bruises

Just a few shots of my accident prone kids ... a trait they inherited from me. Why just the other day I had a radio antenna slip into my eye. True story. Still can't wear my contacts just yet. But I digress.

MTN at the emergency room less than 24 hours after we arrived in NY. A double ear infection = horrible balance. He fell, hit his head with the toy he was holding and that was that. He had a fantastic picnic while we were there and that kept him fairly well behaved! He munched away on his cookies while they glued his cut. DermaBond is amazing!

EMN jumped off a moving sled onto very icy snow. The end result wasn't too bad but the initial look at her was bloody ... cut lip and a scrape. She's a trooper and still loved getting in the sled.

And finally, back to MTN. His finger lost a signicant portion of skin due to an unfortunate pinching accident. Couldn't keep a bandage on it but it seems to be healing just fine regardless.

Next post will be happier, healthier stuff!

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