Sunday, July 6, 2008

Packing up

We're in full moving mode around here so my computer time is non-existant. Mike has his first flight with Continental tomorrow and Gama is here while Mike is traveling so I can keep working on getting the house ready for the move. Gama will switch out with my mom, Nonna, and then the movers will be here on the 15th. My next post will most likely be from our next house in San Antonio. We are still in contract negotiations but we are optimistic that it will all work out ok. Best wishes to all and thank you for all the love, prayer and support as we make our transitions.


JessandJon said...

If you hear screaming and yelling "NO Don't Go", It's just Sammy down the street. We will see you before you go but just wanted to say we are bummed that you are going, but trust that God has his hands on your lives and will send you where he leads. What an adventure life has become! :)

AlyAbox said...

I cannot wait til you get here! We are so excited that you are moving back!
I am sad for your little friend, Sammy who doesn't want you to move, but, very happy for us!
See you soon!
We're praying for ya!