Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After School

While I'm sure there are folks that are happy to see me blogging again, I promise I won't blog every morning and afternoon of my daughter's kindergarten year (although, she is abundantly precious and we have some conversations that really should be recorded for all to enjoy). This is her arriving to the section reserved for students walking home. Looks like a happy kindergartner to me!!

She said her first day was great but a little boring because she didn't get to play outside (over 100 but couldn't tell that from the long-sleeves she was wearing, could you!).  She met several new friends and listened well to her teacher. And she didn't wipe any boogers on Mrs. Segura's nice alphabet carpet!! (see: interesting conversations above - I'll spare you the rest of the details.) All in all, I'd say a pretty awesome first day of kindergarten. She liked the tour of the school because now she knows where everything is but lunch was a little sad (she missed me and MTN .... awwww) and because she has to sit at the nut-free table her class almost left without her. As I told her, the first week or so is for learning and everyone is figuring things out. In a few days everyone will get the hang of things and she'll be a pro. Then next year she can teach MTN when he goes off to kinder!!

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