Friday, February 29, 2008

Adventures in Credit

Monday night, EMN was asking what we were going to next and I told her Chick Fil A and the bookstore. Well, I intended to go to the bookstore first but MTN had an incident (he stripped naked and urinated everywhere during his nap - his diaper was dry) so we went straight to Chick Fil A. EMN insisted on bringing a little bag with her and so off we went. As things were winding down at CFA, she kept asking when we were going to the store because she had things to buy and she brought her money. She's been collecting pennies she finds so I thought that's what she meant. Nope. When we got to Barnes and Noble, she headed straight for Diego and Dora stuffed dolls. I told her to pick one (she picked Diego) and then she pulled out her play credit card and said "Keep this safe Mommy. This is my money." A touch scary! She had planned ahead, thought it all through and knew exactly what she needed to do. When we went to check out the nice man put the doll in a separate bag for her and I prompted her with "EMN, what do you say" and she passionately said "I LOVE YOU!!" which I think made the man's night.

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