Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

First words out of EMN's mouth this morning were "Happy Valentine's Day!" so you can imagine she's been very focused on the day. I'm not sure exactly what her expectations are for this day but I know she's been looking forward to presenting the few gifts we've selected for Mike.
I've been knitting up small hearts to give to the kids. I think they will pale in comparison to the cupcakes the got yesterday at our MOPS playdate. :)

Winter weather around here is crazy as usual. MTN loved playing in the rain earlier in the week. The next day was gorgeous and then there was a hail storm that night (that's marble sized hail on our door mat). It really does make you start to believe the saying "if you don't like the weather just wait 1o minutes".
Well, Mike and a buddy from work are outside working on building a wall of bookshelves for Mike's office and right about now I'm guessing the kids are underfoot. I'm going to go rescue someone. Happy Valentine's Day!

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