Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Return

A return to the blogging world! I've been debating on where to start; a report on what we did on our summer vacation? Cute photos of back to school? Soccer pictures from today's game? I'll probably hit all of those at some point. In the meantime I thought it was probably most important just to put a post up to say "Hi" and "we're here" and "all is well".

The kids have been in school for just over a week and are loving it. Both are in preschool and have teachers well suited to their needs. My Bible study and MOPS have resumed and our collective family scheduled went from nothing to something every day of the week almost overnight. It's so nice to have a steady hum of activity and so far everyone seems to be handling it well. I haven't forgotten to pack a lunch and I haven't messed up the carpool line so I'm feeling pretty good. And the kids seems to be adjusting to their earlier bedtimes, earlier wake-ups and new routines. MTN has even shown interest in toilet-training - hurray! Lots of changes around here and as we all settle into the fall schedule, I'm working blogging time into my day (I hope!!). I've got so many pictures that are too cute not to share!

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AlyAbox said...

Welcome back!
i missed reading your blog!
i miss you too!