Sunday, September 27, 2009

Barbie Party

In the blog post yesterday I mentioned the Barbie party for EMN and here are the photos from her celebration. She's been calling it her "pretend birthday" since her actual birthday hasn't happened yet. She's very precise, you see, and she's also noted that her parents haven't given her a present for her pretend birthday. Hmm. Anyhow, we had a few friends over for crafts, food and fun and of course, a pinata. She declared it "the best party ever!" and that was even before her friends showed up :)! They all played their hearts out and it was a fun event to host. Happy 5th (almost)!!

Daddy frosted all 48 cupcakes and put a 5 on each. First thing she asked - "why do they all have S on them??"

She's playing with Barbies in the background as I type this post. Did you know that all Barbies have special super powers? I love listening to her role play with her toys. I've already used my special super powers to solve one crisis - the shoes. I think they should all be painted on. One gift was a set of beautiful dresses and so she dressed up all her Barbies (and her new Ken) for a fantastic party but didn't have enough shoes or couldn't get them all to fit/stay on. Easy - the party is on the beach so they can all go barefoot! Mommy super power to the rescue!

Soon after the party was over she disappeared to her bedroom for a long nap.

The day ended with a gorgeous sunset and so Mike grabbed my camera and took several shots. This was the best of the bunch. Enjoy!

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JessandJon said...

That looked like sooo much fun. Sammy now wants a barbie party with cupcakes with 5's on them. Hahaha :) Happy birthday Lindy! We miss you guys a ton!