Thursday, December 3, 2009

New York, Part 1

There's already been a peek into the visit and here are even more pictures of the visit.

EMN and MTN on the plane ride. Both are great travelers and so is Teddy Bear.

Going to Grandma Hitchcock's to get water.

Playing in the playhouse. This house factored big into my childhood and it's fun to see my kids using it now (although it seems much smaller now that I'm older!)

A picnic lunch down at the pavilion overlooking the creek.

Throwing rocks into the creek (or crick).

The bigger rocks are below the bridge and the kids spent a long time hunting for the biggest rocks they could carry and then making the biggest splashes they could.

And yet sometimes, the biggest splashes were to each other. This is at the dock at the small pond.

Hanging out on the Ford Tractor with Nonna.

My big girl - she's growing up so fast!

And my big boy - looking so handsome.

Off to see what Grandpa Tom is up to at the barn. Grandpa Tom has projects and toys and all the fun stuff that little boys love!

Helping Nonna pick out flowers for the planting beds.

Nursing two skinned knees. No summer is complete without a few injuries ...

Hugs from Aunt Phoebe.

Playing a modified version of "Go Fish" with Uncle Andrew and Aunt Phoebe. The kids had so much fun making up new rules as they went. Or was that Andrew ... They all had fun and it's so great they were all able to spend so much time together.

Happy 4th of July!!

Mike and I made dinner for the family on the 4th.

So that's the trip to NY up until the 4th of July. Plenty of time spent with family, catching up and relaxing. We're blessed to have such a great family to go home to!

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