Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Year in Review (or at least since the summer)

Happy December! I'm celebrating the new month and the end of the calendar year by reviewing what our family has been doing (and I haven't been covering on the blog). Today I'll start with photos from our trip to New York in late June and July. Specifically, all the various trucks, tractors and vehicles MTN had the pleasure of seeing while we were there. It was as if all these various sightings were orchestrated solely for his pleasure! And while Grandpa Tom owns several of these trucks and tractors (and so the previous statement is partly true) things like the the log truck and street sweeper were just happy coincidence. MTN was in little boy heaven!

Let's see how many of these names I can get right.
MTN driving the Case.

EMN got in on the action too! She's driving in the photo below :)
Driving the John Deere. Then mowing the lawn. EMN bailed pretty early on (not exactly her cup of tea) but MTN stayed and eventually took a nap in the trailer.

A cement truck came to pour the floor in the barn so the kids got to watch that truck in action. Here the truck is cleaning up after a job well done.
The Walters truck is pretty loud. They enjoyed sitting inside and learning how to operate all the bucket controls. That's where Nonna and I were riding and the kids got a kick trying to dump us out.

The Dynahoe. MTN was overwhelmed by it's size and enjoyed climbing up in the cab.

A replica of the Case that got a workout in the multiple mud puddles.

The Ford that I used to spend hours on mowing lawns. MTN provided his own sound effects until Grandpa Tom would take him out for spins around the field.

An eagerly anticipated pile of dirt for young MTN.

A pedal car that he put miles on.

Some Caterpillar creation that's articulated and dumps. Whatever it is, MTN loved it.

Cousin Peter received a shipment of logs while were visiting. Perfect timing! MTN got to sit in the truck and chat with the driver.

A street sweeper visited too. How often does that happen in East Jewett?? Thankfully, while MNT is there!
A propane truck stopped by Grandma Hitchcock's. Another chance to sit inside and even toot the horn.

And there you have it. The trucks, vehicles and toys big and small that MTN got to see during his summer vacation to NY! A very memorable trip indeed :)

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Lonna said...

LOVE this post! So many wongerful memories of a great visit.