Sunday, March 27, 2011


Seems like a lot of folks have taken what they would have been posting on their blog to Facebook. That's going to work in my favor this time around because I'm not sure if a lot of people are even checking around here anymore. I've been challenging myself to do this project but with no accountability, not a lot gets done. If I post here (even if no one reads it) I feel like I can hold myself accountable a tad more publicly without making a huge leap.

I'm a lapsed scrapbooker. Sort of. I've done a few projects here and there and in my heart I've made the jump from paper to digital but I need the layouts to prove it. And to me that means I'm got to actually DO SOMETHING!! I'm going for quality and quantity. Not all layouts will fit in both categories (some photos/stories will be quick, some deserve more time). However, I really want to get to where I get the ball rolling so I don't feel like I'm stuck. I want to be able to have an album of layouts and stories done. I want to feel like I've got my creative process already going rather than hopelessly stalled.

Here is my plan. I love Simple Scrapbooks magazine (RIP) and have all issues except for 1. And now that the magazine has folded, I'd like to revisit the issues and scraplift my favorite bits to get my scrapbooking-engine restarted. I have plenty of photos and stories to work with and this should provide great motivation to complete pages rather than have them brewing in my head.

A true goal has to be definable and measurable. I don't have all that yet but it will come shortly. I plan to post it hear when I am able to quantify my success. Ready? Me too!

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