Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One New Step

One step I've taken towards being more productive with my scrapbooking is to sign up for classes with Big Picture Classes. There are lots of free self-paced projects and I signed up for several of those. I can do those at any time and will be in my account forever. Then there are the workshops that run for several weeks and have live chats and message boards. I signed up for a journaling class and also for a digital powerscrapping class. I'm looking forward to the new techniques I learn and refreshing my skills.

In addition to Big Picture Classes, there are several other sites that have classes and tutorials to increase your knowledge base. They include writeclickscrapbook.com, paperclipping.com (if you subscribe to the video tutorials), getitscrapped.com and I'm sure others. I do subscribe to Paperclipping and I love the tutorials. The others I can't speak about from experience but it sure is nice to have options!

Something I've been doing for awhile to keep my mind brewing on scrapbooking is listening to podcasts while endlessly driving all over town. Can't say the kids are super excited about it but I do throw in a few kid favorites now and then. My favorites are these three:

The Paperclipping Roundtable - Several real-life scrapbookers and industry insiders gather for a show on various scrapbooking topics led by Noell Hyman

The Paperclipping DigiShow - Similar to The Paperclipping Roundtable but focused on digital scrapbooking and led by Steph from The Daily Digi

ScrapHappy with Lain Ehmann - A short (15 minute) podcast on topics from product reviews, upcoming projects with Lain and inspirational chats.

Not sure if there are others out there - share with me if you know of others!! If the links don't work you should be able to find them in ITunes fairly easily.

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