Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November in a Nutshell

The kids are giggling through Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Special so I'm going to update the blog for the second half of November. Ready?? Here goes ...

I'll start with some random scenes of daily life around here. MTN giving Mike a haircut which kept MTN entertained for quite awhile. If only he learned not only how to wield (fake) scissors, but how to sit still for a haircut. We're still battling on that one. And staying in the hairstyle vein, EMN has learned the joys of longer hair. Things like ponytails, pigtails and barrettes. Cute!

We had the pleasure of hosting our friends the Tysons for a few days in the middle of the month. Their daughter is only a few days younger than MTN so it was a lot of fun for all the kiddos to hang out together. In fact, it was such a special occasion that there was a rainbow the first morning they were here!
We also made a trek to the zoo which was our first. The kids stayed pretty busy climbing statues, brushing goats, watching ducks and hippos and exploring the aquarium. When we asked EMN what her favorite part was, she answered "the butterflies." Mine had to be the hippos because they really surprised us. We were enjoying the fish when the hippos swam into the area we were watching. We had no idea that was part of the exhibit and the kids got quite a thrill from seeing such large animals up close.
We had a wonderful visit and hope to visit them in New Mexico sometime early next year before the next little Tyson arrives!

Shortly after the Tysons departure, we furnished MTNs room. Now that his clothes are in drawers and accessible, it's been interesting seeing his clothing combinations.

The weather is cooler here now and so I've introduced the kids to hot chocolate. I make a special mostly-milk blend that is the perfect guzzling temperature. They ask for it more often than I expected they would but it's a nice way to get them to calm down a bit during their very active, rambunctious days.

So the holidays are coming up, which I'm sure you're aware of. EMN's school had a special school-wide Thanksgiving Luncheon last Friday which we attended. We had a very good meal, catered by Bill Miller Barbecue and chatted with friends and teachers. Afterwards we had a playdate at our park so the kids could run themselves ragged and tire themselves out for a good rest later.

I've been busily knitting matching stockings for our family. Two down, two to go. We have a lot of mismatched ones that will be good for decorating but I made these big enough for loot. Once EMN can decide which color she likes, I'll embroider names on them all. Wouldn't want the loot to get mixed up!! Santa's a busy guy .... and the kids don't need the Starbucks or iTunes cards I hope to receive.

And finally, this is a priceless video captured earlier this evening. MTN is going to light some dance floor on fire someday ... I can't stop giggling myself now!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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