Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Minor Victory

Today MTN had his first haircut without tears! And it wasn't even a haircut I gave him! It was at Great Clips and I will always go back to that same stylist. Sara did an amazing job getting him to sit in the chair and wait until she was done. She made it a race between MTN and EMN and was very creative in helping him stay still. So now both kiddos have haircuts and will be ready for formal pictures tomorrow. Yay!!

And in news of the weird, my AARP card came today. Huh. Must be they think all military veterans are over the age of 50. I'm half tempted to pay the $12.50 dues and see if I get the discounts. On the other hand, I'd rather not have a retailer agree that I look over 50. So I think I'll let this offer pass.

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JessandJon said...

Hooray!!!! A haircut with no tears is a HUGE accomplishment! :)