Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pictures of this and that

And here's a few more pictures that were liberated from my camera. It's never too late for Easter egg pictures I guess, especially if they're this cute. The kids decorated a few this year and were very proud of their creations.

This is where the kids have been spending lots of time recently. Our new playground was installed back in April and it's been wonderful. One of the best investments we've made in awhile. The kids have invented all sorts of new games and rules while playing outside - very fun to watch.

I've been spending lots of time at my sewing machine. EMN loves wearing dresses because it makes her feel like a princess (I know because I asked). In fact, her preference these days is to wear a dress, the fancier the better. So she helped me pick out this pattern and this was my first version of it for her. She told me that she loves to twirl in it. I have another one that is almost finished that she is anxiously awaiting. It's great having someone who is so fond of my work!

A new car seat for EMN but a more importantly, a great pic of father and daughter.

Puzzles are very popular around here. The kids do a few every day it seems. It doesn't really matter how many pieces or what the subject matter is, they just love putting them together.

Helping make waffles one night when we had breakfast for dinner.

EMN being silly at the bowling alley. We played while my mom and sister were visiting and it was quite fun. The kids used the bumpers and the ramp and there were moments we thought maybe we all should have used them! Or maybe we should just play more often ...

MTN thought the ball return was magical. Every time a ball popped up he acted like it was the first time he had ever seen it. It just never got old!

The kids feeding the ducks in Boerne. If you look closely, you may notice there are no ducks in the picture (they were on the opposite bank) but we certainly left enough bread for them!

Ever since the pool opened in April, I've been hearing lots of pleas to go. I caved on the understanding that I wasn't getting in the water unless someone was drowning. They had a blast and quickly made lots of friends who were willing to share toys and play games. Soon we'll make this a more regular feature of our week, just like everyone else at our community pool!! I miss having a backyard pool sometimes ....

MTN has really turned a corner on getting his hair cut - THANK GOODNESS!! The screaming tantrums at every appointment were wearing thin. Imagine my surprise when he asked the stylist to spike his hair the last time he got it cut! He couldn't explain it really well, he just kept pointing to all the product she had lined up and saying "I want that one". I guess he wanted the full treatment. He was obviously pleased with the result!

The kids enjoying the day in Fredricksburg while my mother-in-law and I shopped. EMN played on her harmonica, MTN played with his monster truck, both perfectly content as they went from bench to bench and the adults went from shop to shop. It lasted long enough that we all felt like we had a good day.

Our friend Jono from ABQ, in town for a day.

A rained out soccer game. We needed the rain and MTN loved standing directly under the rain spout.

That's me on the left coaching one of EMN's soccer games and she's the one kicking the ball. It's hard work out there! I forgot how fast time on the field goes.

This little Gator played her heart out this season and is so proud of her trophy and medal. It was her first experience with organized sports and she did a great job playing on a team. However, she's thinking next she'd like to try dance. We'll see ...

Over Memorial Day Weekend, friends of ours invited us to Guadalupe River State Park and we're so glad they did! It's close by and a great spot for summer relaxing. The kids had a blast tubing down the river. The water is not too deep, it's just the right temp and with a picnic lunch, it will be a spot we'll return to over and over. Yet another reason we need to invest in some good water toys!

The view at the State Park.

Poor kid ... he eventually did wake up to eat :)
That's all the update I have for now! More to come as I'm able to carve out time.

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Robin said...

Great family pics! Your kids are so cute and they look so happy, too. I love the purple dress you made for your daughter.