Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Birthday

The day started out with the previous blog post. MTN woke up to a house decorated with streamers and balloons and a sister all too happy to smother him with hugs, kisses and reminders of "this is your special day!" He requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then we were off for a day of adventure. Mike and I decided to surprise him for his birthday with activities we knew he'd enjoy. So off to the Riverwalk we went.

The kids had never been and there was no more perfect time than a Monday morning when there are no crowds and Mike wasn't working (I love the Guard!).

The kids have seen plenty of pictures of the Riverwalk and even a parade on the Riverwalk that was televised during Fiesta but to see it in person is much more exciting.

MTN was captivated by the cruise boats and ducks all during lunch which played into our hand very well. Sure enough, his requests to take a boat ride came fast and furious.

The view from our table at Casa Rio.

And so after lunch we were able to be the heroes and oblige our new three-year-old on a Riverwalk cruise. Our Riverboat captain, Ron, was great and had the boat call out "Happy Birthday" to MTN several times throughout the ride. He enjoyed the special attention but I think the highlights for our little man were the construction crews working on various sites around town.

After a brief walk on the river, we drove back towards our next destination and it didn't take long to realize we were all pretty sleepy. So we all slept in the van for a bit (why didn't I get a photo of that?!?) and then we were on to 18 holes of mini-golf.

Questionable form but it got the job done.

She didn't know we were going golfing but she sure did dress appropriately. I think those pants have conveniently disappeared during a recent laundry incident. While they're among her favorites, they're not mine. I'll add it to the list of reasons I'm not up for Mother of the Year.

Watching the other golfers hack away. It was an awful display although Mike will have me note he did get a hole in one.

Playing a video driving game.

Enjoying his requested dinner of spaghetti and "meatbulbs"

To be just like his Daddy, a new workbench to make fabulous creations.

MTN with the cake he helped me make. All day he wanted to dump the load of "rocks" in the dump truck and that was the first thing he did after he blew out the candles. Then he asked if he could play with it and we said "Sure!" and so he started digging in with the excavator and driving the trucks through the icing until he realized eating the cake might be fun too :)

A new weed whacker and googles. He is all business when using this machine and it is clear he has studied his father quite carefully (although Mike doesn't wear goggles). He has all the techniques and mannerisms down just right. Too cute!

And just before bed, a game of "Racey Race" with the new dump trucks. I wish I could explain the rules of Racey Race but they are a bit beyond me. I'm just happy the two of them agree on the procedures and it provides endless entertainment and relatively little argument.

It was a fun day for all of us and MTN was very appreciative which was sweet. He's learning and growing so much every day. It was a pleasure to be able to take a day and focus on him!

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