Saturday, June 6, 2009

Visitors, Fiesta, Celebrations and more Birthdays!!

I'm going to go back a few weeks in time to update the blog and show off some pictures of the visitors we had during April and May.

My mom and sister visited during Fiesta, a two week celebration unique to San Antonio. Fiesta started as a way to honor the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto, now it's more a celebration of San Antonio.

Several of the parades are televised so we watched those from home, including the Texas Cavaliers parade where the floats actually float down the Riverwalk!

Our biggest night out was to Night in Old San Antonio, or NIOSA, and we all enjoyed it immensely. The kids were thirlled to ride a city bus to downtown and then had a great night at the carnival-like atmosphere at La Villita. Both kiddos got their faces painted and that was probably the highlight for them. EMN got a butterfly and MTN got spiderman.

He was very proud of his "tattoon". He sat very still even though it tickled him a bit.

After the kids cracked cascarones on me during NIOSA.

(Casacarones are confetti filled eggs)

Happy Birthday Alison!! She turned 30 while she was here visiting and so we had her birthday dinner at the Alamo Cafe. It was a favorite restaurant of mine when I lived here before and now the kids have become fans. Not only is the food good, the tortillas are fantastic and the atmosphere is fun. The kids are always finding something new to look at (the painted sky in the entryway has a sun that rises and sets, the "river" that runs through the building, the fountain, etc.)

Nonna and the grandkids.

In May we hosted the Nelsons (Mike's parents) and for Mother's Day weekend the Blais' were able to visit too (Mike's sister and her family). It was a full house and so much fun! The Blais' live north of Dallas and they drove down on Friday night and arrived while Mike and I were at a graduation. Mike's students were graduating that night so Gama and Bompa got to babysit EMN and MTN - it worked out perfectly.

Early the next morning EMN had a soccer game which provided lots of entertainment for all of us. After the game, the troops dispersed for various activites and I caught this moment between cousins Caleb and EMN. Caleb is very talented musically and he was so patient with her and she was very receptive to his teaching.

Later that night the whole crew packed up at tailgated at the San Antonio Missions baseball game.

A great spot in the sun, enjoying the day

The mascot from our local grocery store, HEB. She was so excited to see Buddy that she jumped up and chased him down so we could get this picture.

My boys, taking in an evening of baseball. The younger one enjoyed the game, but not the fireworks afterwards. Can't win them all!

Gama hanging spoons at Bin 555 on Mother's Day. This is a Nelson tradition that pops up every now and then and we've got photos of Gama hanging spoons with pretty much everyone we know!

This is a blurry shot because MTN was sitting on my lap but he did this completely unassisted. All of us at the table had been talking about hanging spoons and he started trying by himself and by golly, he got it without any help so I snapped the pic as quickly as I could before it dropped. I can't believe he was able to get it so easily. The spoons were heavy and oddly shaped and yet it seemed so effortless for him!

And not to be outdone, EMN proves that she has what it takes too :)

Enjoying the afternoon in our backyard, three generations of Nelson men on Mother's Day. They were waiting on the grill to be ready ...

Bompa reading a bedtime story.

Happy Birthday Gama!! We were delighted to be able to celebrate her actual birthday with her but we look forward to the celebration with the family at the Outer Banks this summer.

Happy Birthday to Me!! We were able to have an adult-only dinner with Gama and Bompa to celebrate my birthday at a new favorite restaurant, Tresca. Having a babysitter that we love and trust is a wonderful thing! We're going to miss her :(

Gama and Bompa the morning before they returned home. We had a great visit and we look forward to seeing them in DC this summer!

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