Monday, June 11, 2007


As I sit here typing Michael is on my lap screaming and crying and I could join right in with him. I was trying to post pictures of Mike's homecoming and Michael's first haircut and they are no where to be found on my camera. I'm so sad and frustrated! It just happened so I haven't had time to really work the problem but I'll be so heartbroken if I can't recover them. I lost some pictures 4 years ago when an inexperienced film developer mishandled them. However, I've never lost digital photos before. I even had taken pictures of my recent knitting (although those are very easily replaced). Well, before I start to consider them gone forever, I should try to recover them. Wish me luck!

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anphoe said...

Thank goodness that Andrew could help you recover the pictures. I know how you felt when you lost something important...

By the way, I did got addicted when I first found out too. But I mostly look at yarn... haha. I can't wait to see the pictures of your knitting projects. What have you been knitting? so curious!