Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pacing, Pacing, Pacing

Well, I'm frustrated. I'm so excited for the yarn to arrive and I know it's here in Phoenix and yet, it's after 6 pm so I don't think it will get here today. I'm anxious and pacing and keep opening the door to see if maybe I didn't hear it get delivered. Opening the door may sound innocent but when the door knob is hot on the inside, well, it's super hot outside. Reminds me of fire safety lessons when they tell you that a hot door knob is a sign to stay put. Rightly so! Yet I keep checking and keep trying to stay busy but I just can't focus because I want the yarn to be here so badly! All I need to do on my sock is decrease for the toe but I'm too ansty. Worst of all is about a half hour ago the UPS truck stopped across the street - I almost ran outside but didn't when I considered that he might think I was crazy. So I waited and then he drove off. Yes, I checked the door. No, there is no package. And every car that drives by makes me look out the blinds. Just the neighbors. If it was Mike, that might make me feel a bit better. But he's not here yet either. So I guess I'll go eat dinner and go to my appt tonight and wait until tomorrow to see if the yarn gets here. I'm going to have messed up dreams tonight!!!


anphoe said...

Andrew and I got an email from Dad last night saying that you may stay in NY a little longer. Andrew and I have decided that we are trying to stop by East Jewette on the way back from Fargo. I am so excited that we will have a chance to see you. And honestly, don't laugh, the first thought I had was "Oh what knitting project(s) should I bring with me to Fargo, so that I can show Becky on the way back? ..." Silly me. You said you were jealous of my swatches, but I am sure I will be jealous of your stole later. Since I am traveling next 2 weeks, I am not able to knit for 2 weeks, or maybe only a little bit. I am sure that I will be very far behind on the MS3, and I will be very very jealous of you knitting your "third-clue" stole. It's killing me to just think about it.

beckylinn said...

That's so funny! I thought about what knitting projects to bring with me so you could see them!! :)

My yarn arrived today!! I'm going to take pictures of it with my beads and post and then I'm going to get swatching. I have never swatched either so this will bea new experience for me. The whole thing is really!