Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Exciting things are going on!

It's been a fantastic couple of days and my enthusiasm level is at an all time high!

I'll begin at the beginning .... Saturday we made a family trip to Scottsdale (in the truck!) and bought a new closet organizing system for our master bedroom. The main closet we had done as soon as we moved in but we decided to do the second one ourselves. I LOVE IT!! It increased our storage tremendously and everything looks so organized and pretty now! I love when everything has a place.

Even better ... I got to scrapbook on Saturday night! 6 - midnight at a local shop with some of my friends and I had a wonderful time. I even got several pages done! The last few times I've taken knitting with me but this time I had photos (although I brought knitting just in case and I wore my Knitster T-shirt).

Sunday I got even more pages done - YIPPEE!!

Tuesday Nonna (my mom) got here and EMN was so excited she couldn't stop giggling! It's been great to have an extra set of hands.

The best part of Tuesday - The Alison Krauss and Union Station concert that Mike took me to! Happy Mother's Day to me!! We had dinner at Kincaids in downtown Phoenix and walked to the Dodge Theater and the concert was incredible! I'm so bummed they didn't allow cameras so I wasn't able to memorialize the night. It was a fantastic show - always a pleasure to listen and watch professionals at the height of their game. The venue is perfect for concerts. Previously I've only ever seen Sesame Street Live there :) The sound was full and lovely, the performers were fun and lively .... just a wonderful evening!

Today - I'm waiting very impatiently for my yarn to arrive!!! I'm so jealous - I saw Phoebe's swatches on her blog and I haven't been able to do anything yet!! I got new needles yesterday and my third set of beads so now I really want to swatch! I ordered from and FedEx promises me it will be here today. The first clue doesn't come until Friday but I'm really antsy to get a swatch done so I know that I have the right size needles and that I can tackle a true lace project. I also want to make sure I chose the right bead colors. I'm sitting in our office at the front of the house watching all the cars drive by ready to pounce when the yarn arrives. I'd sit outside but it is ridiculously hot and I might melt. Yes, it's a dry heat but so is a hair dryer or oven and I don't stand in front of them all day either. Anyway, I'm trying to finish up a few projects before I start the Mystery Stole #3. I'm almost done with my second sock - I knit at the dentist's this morning - and I'm also trying to make progress on two bags I have right now. Actually, I have three bags going right now but one has all the knitting finished, I just need to attach the handles ... once I figure out what I want to use for handles. One bag may end up a sweater so I leave that to the side until I figure out what I want to do with it .... which may be to frog it and make something else. And the last bag I'd like to felt but I'm starting to really hate wool. It kept knotting and felting on me the other night and I spent over 2 hours detangling and cursing at it when I could have been knitting and relaxing. So I bought a new skein of nicer wool yarn (not the cheapy stuff) and maybe that will make a difference.

So, I'm really chatty and that might tell you that I'm really anxious for my yarn to get here!! I really want to feel it and play with it. I know I'll be shocked by how thin it is. I'm sure I can do this but I really want to practice first. OK - enough rambling ... I'm going to go find something to keep my hands and mind busy since Nonna has the kids all taken care of. I love Nonna!!!

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