Friday, June 22, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Where does the time go!?! I've intentionally not put a lot of things on our calendar and yet we still stay plenty busy.

Last I wrote I had lost some pictures. Well, I got most of them back but not the video of Mike's homecoming. My camera is still acting funny so I'm not using it right now.

Other than that, even without "formally scheduled events" we're always on the go it seems. We did some things related to hockey, the ever present dr appointments, playdates, summer movies, swim lessons, workouts at the gym, lots of cooking and lots of new projects. One is knitting related (thanks Phoebe!) - it's a mystery stole and if I can figure out how to attach buttons and all that cool stuff to my blog, I'll post it soon. First clue comes out June 29th so I've got some time to finish up my second sock to form my first pair! Too bad it's already 115 and I'm usually in sandals. I'll find the occasion for shoes soon!!

And here is a pic from MTN's first haircut - thank you Andrew for helping me recover them!!
(I'll add the pic here when I'm at the right computer ... we're not networked here and I forgot that the photo is on my laptop)

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anphoe said...

You are welcome :D
Actually, it's nice to have some family activities. It's better than Andrew and I sitting front of our computers all the time... (complaining, *blink)
I can't wait to see the pictures of your swatch for MS3. I did one last night, it looked horrible. I binded off WAY too tight... I will keep trying. We both should "add oil". It means "add gas" to a car which means keep up the energy level. In China, Tai Wan, or Japan, we like to say "add oil" to encourage each other. For example, when I was having an exam, my friend would tell me to "add oil". Or if I am having a problem to finish a project, my friend will tell me to "add oil" also.