Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Winter!


I promise this is snow!
You have to really want to see it. :) But it was cold and white and fell from the sky and so I'm sticking to my story. It was the most bizarre weather day. The link above describes how we hit a high temperature record and by the end of the day there was sleet and incredible wind. I was very happy and the kids were pleased that winter was finally here. Didn't deter EMN from her wardrobe choices (shorts anyone?) but not much does deter her. Still don't think we'll have a white Christmas but at least there are chilly mornings and excuses to drink hot chocolate (or is it cocoa? - that's the endless debate between the kids).
We got our tree up and the lights are on and then our progress stalled. Could be that Mike completed his tasks but I'm behind on mine. All in due time it will be complete. In the meantime, the Santa hat is getting a lot of use! I can't believe I forgot to bring my camera with me when we went Christmas tree shopping, but EMN wore it while we debated over trees. It goes with the shorts and sundresses she favors.
And there were some requests to see my new haircut. Please excuse the bad lighting. I love the salon (The Day Spa at Folawn's) where I got my haircut - they give hand/arm massages and a cucumber eye mask while the conditioner sits on your hair. It was lovely. And my stylist did a great job of listening to me. I look forward to being a repeat customer!


JessandJon said...

Ok,now I am officially jealous... and I don't even have to see the pictures

anphoe said...

I love your new hair cut! Looks great on you!