Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nothing sweeter

My little boy said his nighttime prayers by himself tonight. It brought me to tears and it probably always will. Seeing his chubby hands intertwined tightly as he holds them right above his nose, eyes squeezed shut, in his raspy voice saying the standard toddler "now I lay me, down to sweep, I pray Lord, soul to keep, love with me, through the night, wake me with, morning light". He peeked his eyes open with a big grin and I gave him the tightest hug I could. He was clearly proud of himself as he should be.

The other night at dinner he wanted to pray and he started out reciting the prayer above but then sidetracked into some other stuff. Even just a snippet was enough to leave me needing a tissue. I had no idea he knew the words but Mike did and he knew I would boo-hoo when I heard it. I did the same thing when EMN recited her prayer the first time too. It reminds me that they really are listening to what I say and what an awesome responsibility I have in raising them.

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