Sunday, December 21, 2008


These days, MTN tends to wake up demanding food. No "Good Morning Mommy", no hugs, just "I need breakfast". Yesterday our little trooper woke up earlier than his parents did so Mike turned on the TV for him and returned to bed. I woke up soon after and found MTN at the table where he exclaimed "I did it myself!" Sure enough, he got breakfast for himself. Cold stir fry noodles. He was thrilled and all I could do was laugh. The morning before he tried to dress himself but got stuck taking his shirt off so came running into our bedroom with only his shirt on. I have pictures of that too but they're not suitable for the blog as they include little boy nudity.

Last night we had a great time at the Schluter's house. They are friends of ours from our Osan days. We saw their neighborhood Santa and introduced the kids to smores. MMMMmmmm good!!

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