Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Things

1. Best decision – Joining the Air Force. Not only did I get to serve my country, see the world, earn a paycheck and all that, but I met some of the best people ever. Active duty, spouses, civilians, local nationals – just interesting, wonderful people. And I’m happy to be friends with lots of those same people today.
2. Second best decision – marrying Mike.
3. I love James Bond movies and I still can’t decide who I think the best Bond is. It’s not George Lazenby.
4. My favorite TV show is Friends and I have not watched a sitcom since that I enjoy as much as that one.
5. I love music but not the music of Sheryl Crow. I can’t explain it, but I absolutely cannot tolerate her music.
6. I graduated from RPI with a dual major in Math and Psychology. Math in Public is not a strong point for me – never was. And who knew the AF actually used those math majors!?! The few skills I did retain are more than enough for what I need these days.
7. I love to knit, scrapbook, and quilt/sew. Being creative helps balance out the analytical and logical parts of my brain.
8. I’m the 4th generation 1st born female (therefore EMN was the 5th) but we need to do more genealogy because there could be more generations.
9. I completed a marathon and hope to do more but I’d like to actually train this time.
10. I grew up in a very small town in upstate New York. 24 people in my public school graduating class. I miss my small town and it’s probably the last place on earth that I feel truly at peace.
11. I love car trips. Day trips or week long drives across the country – I love them all.
12. I miss my friends in Arizona. The worst part about moving is leaving people you love.
13. Parenting is hard and challenges me in ways I never dreamed of. I’m so glad I have found other moms all along the way to share the journey with!
14. Postpartum depression was a very scary time in my life and recovering from that was some of the hardest personal work I’ve had to do.
15. I’m seriously on the fence about more kids – some days I’d love more, some days I’m at my limit. So we stay at two for now.
16. Love to watch reality TV like Top Chef, Project Runway, Amazing Race, Survivor, etc. And that’s just the stuff I’m admitting to.
17. I really enjoy reading non-fiction.
18. Since childhood I have had a fascination with First Ladies. When we were stationed in Italy I had the opportunity to meet Laura Bush and have my picture taken with her.
19. I have been frugal and practical even before starting Dave Ramsey.
20. I hate shopping. OK, hate is a strong word. I strongly dislike most shopping. Some shopping I like – books, yarn. And I like grocery shopping when I don’t have to take the kids. I just don’t like all the other kinds of shopping.
21. I tolerate animals. I like other people’s pets but will avoid having any in this house for as long as possible.
22. I love lemon poppy seed bread.
23. I try to learn something new every day. Some days I only learn something new about myself.
24. I thrive when I have a structure or schedule. Spontaneity is not my friend.
25. I love hockey. It took moving to the desert to really make me love it because that is where our family started attending Phoenix Coyotes games. Now the kids know Wayne Gretzky on sight, EMN has been on ice skates already and we are now San Antonio Rampage fans. And Mike and I both hope to return to our alma maters for college games.

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DrMommy said...

It's nice to know more about know, I had horrible postpartum depression after Emma was born. It really changed my life and how I approach it, I think for the better in the long run.

Love the sleepy picture in the next post -- we have a few of those ourselves!