Friday, January 9, 2009

Mountain Cedar

Mountain cedar is evil in yellow powder form. At least, it is if that is why I feel like junk. It is apparently a particularly potent allergen here in south Texas and if you're not allergic to anything else, you'll be allergic to this. Yay. If that's not the reason for my crumminess, then I'm blaming the child who did not cover his cough last Sunday and kept hacking in my general direction. Either way, I feel cruddy but I'm happy that the kids are letting me nap when they nap (well, EMN doesn't really nap, but still, she lets me sleep) and are generally pretty understanding that I'm not 100%. Mike is traveling this week so I'm doing my best to take things slow, drink lots of water, get plenty of rest and not overdo anything. And I'm becoming very familiar with all the medicines that can potentially provide relief. Here's to an uneventful week!

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