Monday, January 19, 2009

Go Dutchmen

As luck would have it, Mike's beloved Union Dutchmen were playing on national TV on Friday night, the night of his return home. So we settled in for a night of hockey with our own in house cheerleader watching the hometown crowd in Schenectady NY lose to Cornell University. The kids really did enjoy watching the game since they have plenty of Union College t-shirts, sweatshirts and goodies so they were finally able to connect all the logos with an actual team. EMN's cheerleader outfit is due to thoughtful aunts who kept gifts from Uncle Mike for his future daughter. Thank you! Saturday night the Phoenix Coyotes played during Hockey Night in Canada so we got to watch that too (and they won!!). We didn't purchase the NHL cable package so our ability to watch NHL games is limited to Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights. Could this explain why "Oh Canada" is one of EMN's favorite songs? All in all, a great weekend for this hockey loving family.

Winter here in South Texas can be unpredictable but my kids have a tendancy to overdress just because they can. Check out EMN's fancy crown in addition to her snazzy hat. Temperatures eventually climbed into the 60s but the hats and gloves were never far away. At that point I think it's safe to say they are more of a fashion statement than a necessity.

Today was a Daddy/Daughter and Mother/Son day in our family. The first half went on an ice-skating outing at a local rink. Those photos are trapped on a camera phone but suffice it to say that EMN's giggles provided lots of smiles for Daddy and she was beyond thrilled to be on the ice for the first time. We hope to go as a family soon. Since the camera is never far from my side, it went on the train trip with MTN and me. However, my son is a bit camera shy these days and prefers that I keep it in my bag. The train we rode is down by the San Antonio zoo and we had a great time. It's about a 20 minute ride and we followed that with a leisurely stroll around the parks enjoying the great weather. It was nice spending an afternoon with him with out errands to run and schedules to keep. Next month we switch and I look forward to a girls day!

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