Monday, January 27, 2014

Organizing FUNdamentals

I just made this post on a message board for a class I'm taking called Organizing FUNdamentals at Big Picture Classes. Getting my craft room in order is a big piece of meeting my goals this year so that's what I've been doing for the last week or so. The original post was asking if anyone had taken the class before.

At the end is a picture of an empty bin from my purging session today. For years random bits and pieces were dumped in that bin. Today I sorted and purged it. It's nice to reclaim that space!

 I'm not a true second timer but I did go through a major overhaul two years ago. I was fortunate enough to have a professional organizer come help me go through several rooms including my craft room. She helped me through the dumping and purging part (questioning my decisons so that I could make good choices, encouraging me to stay on task, etc.) and then helped put away. 

It was a very emotional process for me. I was pregnant so that added to it, but I did go through a bit of a grieving process over the good intentions and ideas that I didn't follow through on. It was hard but cathartic. I can only think of one thing that I purged that I should have kept but since it's gone, I'm moving on.

In the years since I had a newborn and now toddler in addition to my older kids. I'm just now feeling creative again and digging my craft room out. I have done small projects here and there but a lot has piled up for "someday". So someday is now TODAY and each day for the next few weeks to come.

After the organizer left, I had stacks of paper (school, memorabilia, ephemera, etc) that I was tasked to purge, sort and deal with. I did a good job with about 75% of it and now it's time to tackle the rest. I feel so close to being able to document those times and make progress with the ideas in my head - I could cry all over again! It's so liberating to be able to achieve what I once thought was a long, long way off. 

Thanks for being my therapist and sounding board!! It's nice to be among others who are in the same purging, organizing, mindset.

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