Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yesterday was the first soccer practice for EMN so she got all geared up for the first time. She was so excited I think she wore her shin guards for most of the afternoon just so she could be "extra special ready". She's so proud of her YMCA jersey and all the gear that goes along with her new sport.

I loved seeing her out on the field, doing her best, being a good listener and trying soccer for the first time. The no-hands part will take some getting used to :)

It really struck me how grown up she seemed. Her hair is longer than it ever has been, she was in a uniform for the first time and she was part of a team. Wow. Could be that I've finally started to contemplate her baby scrapbook and the contrast between her baby photos and the preschooler ... well, it's different and yet the same. Her personality hasn't changed a whole lot but the packaging sure has!

And on the homefront we spent the weekend painting. Mike's office is as done as we can get it (the ceilings are vaulted and we need scaffolding or a professional to get them painted) and we're very happy with how it turned out. We're also happy with our piano room. We've got a lot of furniture moving to do yet to get the room settled but the painting is done so that's a great start. The piano room colors are a departure from our usual choices - it's fun to take risks sometimes. Once the curtains are in and we figure out all the details we hope it will turn out to be what we've envisioned it to be.


Six Pack Momma said...

Wow! Beautiful! What a great job you all did on the shelves :)

Andrew H said...

I love the first day of soccer pics!