Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break Continues

Ah excitement ... First, MTN enjoying the popsicle he got from the nice nurses after his brief hospital visit. We were returning from grocery shopping and I was at the back of the van unloading and I thought he was safely away. Huh. He stuck his hand in the van door as it was sliding shut. I'm guessing it was just inches from closing since it will usually re-open if it senses something blocking the path. His hand was stuck in the door but only his middle finger was truly pinched. X-rays were negative for any breaks and he is back to his usual self. I asked him if his finger hurt this morning (this happened yesterday) and he said it was "changing". It is pretty swollen and bruised but other than that he's fine. As I told a friend, I'm learning a lot about parenting every day. I second guessed my decision to go to the ER once we checked in but better safe than sorry as Mike said. I'm glad kids start out small so, in theory, the problems start out small and we get lots of practice for the bigger issues.

I did not second guess my decision to have EMN change her pants. This was "a whole 'lotta look" as Tim Gunn would say. She did not think my giggles were nice and my hugs were not appreciated. So I let her wear her outfit until we had to leave for a playdate and I only made her change her pants.

This still makes me giggle. All her favorites, all at once. I love her!!

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Six Pack Momma said...

Super cute! It makes me think of Punky Brewster, or better yet, my own 4yr old girl. She comes up with some amazing outfits!