Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Strawberries and "The Best Day Ever"

We spent the some time yesterday in Fredricksburg at Marburger Orchards picking strawberries and the entire family had a blast! We got there as soon as they opened and we were saw only one other gentleman there and he had already finished up for the morning. We spent about 45 minutes picking berries and ended up with about 8 1/4 lbs which is plenty for our family. We'll end up freezing some for sure. The berries are sweet and just perfect. The kids got a kick out of seeing the plants and finding the right strawberries to pick. We saw lots of blossoms and so we had good talks about how the pretty flowers will become fruit eventually. Mike is definitely a strawberry lover and was intoxicated by rows and rows of fresh fruit so I almost had to literally drag him away. I'm glad things like allrecipes.com exist so I can stretch my recipe limits and make good use of all this fruit! We'll definitely be back when it's time to pick peaches.

After strawberry picking we drove into Fredricksburg and window shopped, had lunch and drove the long way home. We finished up the day by placing our order for our backyard playset which we've been saving up for. The kids had their heart set on having it installed last night so their patience will have to endure for a few more days at least. At our traditional Monday night pizza dinner EMN declared it "the best day ever". :)
And to finish up, a photo of the peach blossoms at the orchards and some blue bonnets we found in Fredricksburg. Spring is here!!


anphoe said...

Looks/Sounds like a fun day!

Last time we went strawberry picking, we picked way too much. I was the one that wouldn't stop picking...

And I ended up making Strawberry Bread(http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Strawberry-Bread/Detail.aspx) twice at the end... I am also a big fan of allrecipes.com :D

Six Pack Momma said...

We just looooooved strawberry picking in Charleston. I wish I had thought of allrecipies.com then. We just used our excess strawberries as a good excuse to make strawberry topped ice cream sundaes...every night :)