Monday, March 2, 2009


Yesterday was Mother/Daughter and Father/Son day at our house. Here is my happy daughter.
She and I went dress and shoe shopping and she declared it a great success. In fact, I'm the best mommy ever! Mike took MTN shoe shopping also and then they went hiking in the "woods" behind our house. So imagine our surprise that night when EMN's questioning begins ("What was your favorite part of the day?" - sometime we have to answer 1-3 depending on her mood) and MTN answers Tinkybear. An afternoon with Daddy and Tinkybear over-rules even new light-up Lightning McQueen sneakers. Ah, the mysteries of Tinkybear, he's a powerful force apparently. He's been mentioned a lot but we have no idea who this Tinkybear is, only that he somehow figures into stories about Moses at Sunday school. (Must have skipped that part of the Bible.) Finally, last night at dinner MTN was able, in his almost 3 year old way, explain that Ms Mary has a toybox with Tinkybear in it and he tells stories. So now we know to ask Ms Mary more about Tinkybear.
The blog has been sparse recently due to this scene around the house.
Everyone's health is much improved so that's a big, big plus. And honestly, I didn't think I'd still be sucking mucus from my son's nose at this point but he's not real handy with a tissue and well, it needed to be done. Those bulb thingies they give you at the hospital when they are born are more valuable than I realized!
The big news today is that EMN's curtains have been hung.

Sparkly pink and purply greatness. She's happy so I'm happy. And I sewed in a black out liner in hopes of many sweet dreams and late mornings! We'll see how that goes.
And an update on the dryer ... still not fixed. The repair man #2 confirmed that repair man #1 wired it incorrectly by wiring it the same %$#@&% way. So two more weeks to wait on the part they need to order again due to incompetence and then we'll see he can wire it correctly this time. I have confidence he can if he can remember that it's messed up to begin with. Believe me - I'm going to remind him first. If not, the clothes line is going up in the back yard!

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Six Pack Momma said...

Beautiful curtains Becky! I'm super impressed. :)