Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Soccer Star

Our family attended EMN's first soccer game today and she was beyond excited! She was very proud of the goals she scored in warm ups - each time she rant off the field to give us hugs and high fives despite our best efforts to keep her with her team :) There's no doubt playing soccer is doing wonders for her self esteem. She played her very best during the game and her little legs ran as fast as they could. She listened very intently to Coach Lupe and tried to keep up with all the action. We're all very proud of her and all the Gators and we know of one little guy who's looking forward to his turn in the soccer gear.

I've included plenty of photos and if you scroll down fast enough, it's just like being there!
[she's number 5 in green]


Andrew H said...

Looks like she was having a blast. :)

Six Pack Momma said...

How fun! Wow, does she look like you Becky :)