Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Yes, I worked out yesterday and I'm so sore today but I'll be back at it at some point today. I'm going to finish up my Bible studies after this post. I'll probably work out after the kids get home from school so they can keep an eye on the baby.

I also spent some time in my craft room finishing up a current work in progress. I'm making mint tin scrapbooks with leftover photos from a family gathering in 2011. I'm sending them out to members of my husband's family as I get them completed. Only a few more left to go! Then I'll make a list of other projects in progress and finish those up. After that, I give myself permission to start something new :)

My eldest daughter has a birthday coming up soon and we've been brainstorming some party ideas. I think we've got some fun things planned and I hope it goes as well as she's been dreaming of.

Not very exciting but again, slow and steady.

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