Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Deep breaths

Another 4 km walk today after dropping off the kids. Took a tremendous amount of mental convincing to make the second lap of the neighborhood. If I walk all the sidewalks of every street, it's 1 mile. I'm glad I did it but it's hard when I know how many hills there are. Someday I hope it won't seem so ominous. CGN loves hanging out in the stroller. She's very quiet unless we see someone and she's sure to say "Hi". She doesn't like to eat while out walking so even though the stroller is packed with snacks, she waits until we're inside to chow down. That's about an hour after she gets up. Whatever works for her, I guess. She's working on a few molars so she's crankier than usual. Here's to a good night sleep.

She and I just hung out today. The one day of the week with nothing scheduled. Laundry and dishes always continue, but no errands, no big "to do's", just hanging out and playing with each other. I don't recall doing this much with the older kids. It doesn't mean I didn't, I just don't remember. And I'm giving myself a lot of grace to know that being with her is important and the other stuff can wait. I did knit a bit and I catch up on email, but mostly it's just being. I like the slower pace. Especially after my funk on Monday, I want to be gentle with myself. I know what lies ahead this week and there won't be a lot of time for deep breaths so I need to get them in when I can.

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