Thursday, October 10, 2013


Yikes. Thursday. Have I mentioned Thursdays before? It's the reason I needed a deep breath yesterday. Thursdays I teach 2 year olds at Bible Study, participate in the womens Bible study portion, race home, get kids home from school, head off to soccer practice, accomplish something quick for dinner and then off to Cub or Girl Scouts.

Tonight we added in picking up popcorn to sell and saying goodbye to Daddy for a few days. I'm wiped.

The 2 year olds are sweet, mostly non-verbal, cuties. Watching them become comfortable in the classroom and with their teachers is amazing. Today they were very active, the mommys were a wee bit delayed from the teaching time, and my co-teacher and I ran out of tricks (bubbles, specifically). The kids were "handsy" with each other and not as receptive (to clean up time, particularly) and it made for some interesting interventions. It's also only the second time every child has been present. Brunch will do that :) Anyway, we're seeing the kids come out of their shell more and show their personalities more. I really do enjoy the time with them and it flies by. That in itself is a miracle. I've been in CBS for years and previously tried to avoid helping out in the children's classrooms mostly because I was overwhelmed with my own kids and dealing with 13-15 kids I didn't know didn't sound good to me. Over the last few years, I realized I was enjoying it more and when I was asked to help out last year, half way through the year, I knew it was good timing. I've relaxed a lot more and I know how desperately I needed CBS when my oldest kids were young. It was a time of Bible study, fellowship, learning and also food! It fed me on so many levels and I was able to immerse myself in it knowing my kids were loved and cared for. So now I'm providing that for the moms of our little Blue Lambs. It's a great feeling and I love seeing how God has brought me to this place.

So now I'm off to settle in with an adult beverage and Project Runway. I hope I can stay awake!! No Thursday night football for a change :)

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