Monday, October 7, 2013


I'm in a funk today. This refining process is hard and I don't always enjoy it. My prayer is that at the end I can say it was worth it.

I'm discouraged that the numbers on the scale never seem to change. A half pound or pound here and there, up and down. No progress. I have been tracking my food for two months. I do my best to keep my calories in check and eat from all the different food groups. I work out, but honestly, I hate it and I'm having a hard time convincing myself to keep going when I really don't enjoy it and I see no weight loss to encourage me to keep going. My clothes aren't fitting any better (I have no shorts that fit and with the temps still high, it's not a positive reminder that my weight is an issue). I have a few people mention that I look trimmer, and I appreciate that, but I honestly can't say that I always believe them.

There are some days I'm just fine with how I look. There are others where I'm frustrated I've let myself get to this point. The baby is a year old now and so I really want to lose the softness. I just don't know how to keep myself motivated. Diet (as in, being careful with what I eat) and exercise really seem to be the only answers. But they're just not working for me.

So what am I grateful for? It's honestly a little hard for me to answer right now. I'm grateful that I have access to healthy foods, I'm grateful for a supportive (although weary of this topic) husband, and I'm grateful I can exercise.

I keep falling into this slump. I'm going to have to figure out how to get out and stay out.

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