Thursday, October 17, 2013


I just returned from my Bible study and I'm so grateful for how well it went. My 2 year old class was busy and active but I had good helpers (my co-teacher was absent). My presentation to the leadership was after lunch and it went very smoothly. I hope my thoughts were coherent and that the leaders were able to gain something from my review. I know there will always be something more I wish I had said or done but I did my part and now I can take a deep breath, grateful for the opportunity to lead.

Driving home, listening to CGN babbling in the back seat, I was loving all the swarms of butterflies. It's migration season here in Texas and every October I'm reminded how much I love this time of year. Watching nature and knowing how these beautiful insects just go as they're led. It's instinctive for them to fly south and it's amazing to watch. At times it's almost like driving in a snow-storm of butterflies. EMN tried to catch a few at practice on Tuesday and realized how hard it would be to get one to sit still enough to add to her Tupperware habitat. She eventually was ok remaking it into a ladybug habitat :) In the meantime it's a humbling reminder of the perfect order of nature. God is awesome.

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