Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Yesterday was errand day so I was out and about with CGN gathering up Halloween goodies and gearing up for the end of October. She is so social and sweet. At Hobby Lobby she saw an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair, made eye contact with him and then showered him love by throwing kisses and waving hi obsessively. She did that to lots of people in the store and I always get lots of comments and compliments. She's a sweet girl and it's fun to be her sidekick.

This morning I walked a 5K. Took about an hour. I need to get back into fitness, regardless of how much I don't love it. I need to like it more so I can get back into shape. Just a little bit each day. I've reined in my eating a lot so hopefully I'll see results at some point.

Had a scary incident while walking my kids to school today. The crossing guard was walking towards us to get us across safely and a car made a left turn (during a red light) and nearly hit her. We were in the crosswalk too but not nearly as close as she was. It scared me and I could tell she was shaken. I called the principal and the school district police. I wish people would just take a deep breath and drive safely. They put all 5 of us at risk just so they could get their kid to school. It's just not worth it. I'm tired of watching this happen - it's not the first time by a long shot. It's a large reason I don't like to walk my kids to school. It's scary how stupid some drivers/parents can be.

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